Mons Royale Santa Rosa Hinge Balaclava


The Santa Rosa Hinge Balaclava is named after the legendary Santa Rosa storm that brings heavy snowfalls to our Andean cousins. When you take this balaclava with you, you ensure you'll keep your face warm and, by pulling down the chin due to its hinged construction, that people can hear you as you whoop at the bottom of the slope or talk up your tricks.


  • 190g/m2 100% Merino regulates your temperature and naturally resists odour
  • Hinged construction Merino balaclava
  • Super comfortable flatlocked seams
  • Drop front neckline seals in warmth


Average Weight 83g
Made From 190g/m2 100% Merino wool, single jersey
Technologies Used

Mons Royale Merino wool comes from growers who do not practice mulesing. Mons Royale has partnered with ZQ Merino which represents the world's most rigorous on-farm standards for quality, animal welfare and health, environmental, economic and social values. ZQ Merino is only sourced from accredited farmers who meet these stringent requirements and are regularly audited to ensure their adherence. ZQ Merino growers guarantee to provide five key freedoms to all their animals:

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom to display normal patterns of behaviour
  • Freedom from discomfort or inadequate shelter
  • Freedom from unnecessary pain or distress
  • Freedom from significant injury or disease
  • A healthy, low stress quality of life, enabling the production of healthy, high quality merino wool.


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