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Treat Yourself to Icebreaker Merino Dollars
How to Earn Icebreaker Dollars

How to Earn Icebreaker Dollars Coupons

1. Spend over $100 on FULL PRICE Icebreaker Merino clothing online

2. You will receive a coupon/coupon code for $20 per $100 spent

3. You can then redeem this coupon/coupon code on your next order of FULL PRICE Icebreaker

How to Redeem Icebreaker Dollars

Note: Icebreaker dollars earned on this site can only be redeemed online on this site. Icebreaker Dollars coupons can only be redeemed on full RRP Icebreaker, not items already discounted.

Redeem a coupon code - AT THE CART

1. After buying $100 or more of Full RRP Icebreaker, you will be e-mailed a unique coupon code

2. Use your unique coupon code in your cart to receive your discount before 30 June 2018

3. Go to the Checkout and continue as per normal. It's super easy!

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Terms and Conditions

Coupon codes are equivalent to $20 and may only be used on your next purchase with the retailer you received them from (dollars earned on this site can only be used with subsequent orders on this site).

Coupon codes can only be issued AND redeemed on Icebreaker garments at full RRP, and not in conjunction with any other sale, promotion or offer.

These coupon codes are genuine Icebreaker money. Coupons have no cash value and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

You can earn Icebreaker Dollars up to 10 June, 2018. These Icebreaker Dollars Coupons/coupon codes expire 30 June, 2018.